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Datahaven for Dynamics offers the most innovative, compelling and comprehensive document management for any organization using Microsoft Dynamics. From lower volume organizations with as few as a handful of users up to the highest volume, most complex, multi-national organization with millions of annual transactions and hundreds of users. To accomplish this, we offer Datahaven for Dynamics in two core editions; ‘Archive Essentials’ and ‘Workflow Professional’. Extended with ‘Advanced Capture’ for document recognition and ‘Advanced Forms’ for output management, Datahaven caters for the most demanding document management environments. Seamless integration with Dynamics and Outlook guarantees an extremely intuitive user experience for anyone in your organization working with paper and email!


Archive Essentials

To invest in a robust document archiving solution leads to significant cost savings. Archive Essentials provides all the required functionality for those organizations looking for a cost-efficient and professional archiving solution.

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Workflow Professional

Designed for corporate decision makers and advanced document handling! ‘Workflow Professional’ is powered by a fully-configurable workflow engine that supports automated business logic and efficient electronic document handling, including linking, exception management, approval, review, task and personal workflow queues.

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Advanced Capture

‘Advanced Capture’ enables automated data extraction to support fully automated processing of documents in Microsoft Dynamics.

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Advanced Forms

With Advanced Forms Designer, you can format documents and reports independently of Dynamics. Advanced Forms Distribution provides the document transport from Dynamics to its final destination through email, print or Web portal.

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