Advanced Capture

Advanced Capture supports automated data extraction from just about any type of document. It uses ReadSoft’s ‘industry leading’ recognition system and provides seamless integration between Readsoft and Microsoft Dynamics. It enables the automated exchange of information, creation of transactions and archiving of accompanying documents in Dynamics. Since almost no invoice or form look alike, the document recognition software has to be self-learning in order to boost productivity, recognizing the documents, sorting and indexing them accordingly. Document recognition speeds up the processing of your documents, saving you both time and money.

‘Advanced Capture’ most important features are:

  • Available as a ’ cloud ’ or ’ on premise ’ solution
  • Documents can be scanned or delivered directly by e-mail, fax servers or specific workflows
  • Transparent data exchange between Dynamics and ReadSoft
  • Supports fully automated creation of transactions and document archiving without any human intervention in Dynamics
  • Intuitive user interface for data validation on both header and line level
  • Data validation in Dynamics
  • Advanced workflow driven exception handling (requires Professional Workflow module)
  • ...

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