Workflow Professional

‘Workflow Professional’ for Dynamics delivers value to your organization by embedding document-centric workflows into the Microsoft Dynamics environment. Documents can be quickly linked and processed, routed and approved. Because documents can enter workflow from a variety of inbound methods, including advanced zonal OCR, drag and drop or import from Outlook or the Windows file system, through ad hoc or batch scanning, fax, or automated email induction, advanced document handling becomes a breeze!

‘Workflow Professional’ most important features are:

  • ‘Archiving Essentials’ functionality
  • Document scanning from any MFP device and routing to Datahaven workflow queues for further processing
  • Drag-drop directly from within Outlook email or from the Windows file system into workflow
  • Automated inbound email or fax for delivery to any workflow queue
  • Batch scanning with document separation into Datahaven workflow queues
  • Create and manage unlimited custom-configured workflow queues and business logic to support complex requirements
  • Route and approve documents from standard document processing queues and any custom-configured workflow queues
  • Create links to Dynamics transactions through Datahaven workflow queues
  • Allow one or more users access to the same workflow queue with Datahaven’s workflow record locking
  • Merge related documents into a single document and split multi-page documents into multiple documents
  • Add and view annotations on document images
  • Add security annotations that protect areas of a document from view
  • Mark documents, and pages within documents, to send outbound via email, fax or print
  • Add and view user comments and view document audit trail history
  • Customizable security based on Active Directory
  • Document approval from within Dynamics, Outlook, Web and mobile applications
  • ...
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