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With Microsoft Dynamics, you use the world’s leading ERP system. In combination with a particularly well integrated and complete document management system your organization has all assets to streamline its business processes to support further growth of your company!

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Invoice Processing for Microsoft Dynamics

Trade in late payments, lost invoices, and a lack of visibility over manual invoice processing for an automated solution that improves your internal processes and relations with suppliers!

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Capture to Archive

To invest in a robust document imaging and archiving system is a first step towards creating an accessible digital archive. Personnel files, contracts and agreements, supplier and customer information, as well as back-office documents (costs travel documents, invoices, orders..) become readily accessible regardless of their original structure or format (paper and digital).

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Document Processing in the Cloud

Traditionally organizations with lesser document volumes found it very difficult to realize a Return On Investment in the field of automatic document recognition and processing. Cost of software, required hardware and the associated maintenance costs were often prohibitively high. For these organizations processing documents in the ’ cloud ’ finally offers a budget-friendly and viable solution.

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Digital Mailroom

A mailroom automation solution transforms complex inbound document sorting and - distribution processes into powerful automated workflows! Both paper and electronic mail (e-mail) can be managed through a uniform process, causing internal mail distribution procedures to be standardized. Not only is it cost effective but it also leads to an improved compliance with company policies and/or regulations.

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Purchase to Pay

Microsoft Dynamics Purchase to Pay solutions are designed to provide organizations with control and visibility over the entire lifecycle of a procurement transaction – from the way an item is ordered to the way that the final invoice is processed.

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Order To Cash

Microsoft Dynamics Order-to-Cash solutions are designed to help organizations control and create transparency throughout the entire sales cycle; from offer to order and from delivery to billing. The objective is to optimize the whole order, delivery, invoice (and its payment) cycle.

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Workflow Automation

Chances are you are currently experiencing the symptoms of process shortcomings: missed deadlines, inadequate information, lost documents, duplication of efforts… just to name a few.

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Shared Service Center automation

Increase productivity and reduce costs! Shared Services require a far-reaching process automation in combination with the use of solutions that complement and complete your existing ERP system. The design and support of efficient, integrated end-to-end processes are instrumental.

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Payment approval

Not paying your suppliers in time can cost you ‘dearly’. Missing the opportunity to negotiate discounts, better purchase conditions or even worse by permanently blurring the relationship with your supplier.

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Output Management

You no longer have to invest in expensive development time for the formatting and processing of your business documents. With a professional output management solution, you can control the format, distribution and archiving of your documents to your exact specification and those of your suppliers and customers. Document Output Management is also an important step in reducing your carbon footprint by tangible reduction in paper consumption and the associated costs.

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