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‘The Pixelman’ was born in Oudenaarde 1974. He graduated in 1998 at KASK, a Belgian university in Ghent. With a dimension of 1843 x 5046 pixels (65cm x 178cm) and a weight of 83kg, he likes to run or mountain bike on lazy sundays.

He has lived for several years in Ghent at a 5 minute walk from his teaching job at the academy – KASK (moved in 2006 nearby Ghent to De Pinte). Teaching gives him the opportunity to experiment with new technologies which keeps him up-to-date. Today, a web designer needs to be the best in creative thinking together with a decent technical knowledge. Teaching at KASK gives him both.

For years Pixelman was active in multimedia productions as a graphic designer.

Creating CD-ROMs became a daily job. Today Multimedia has moved from CD-ROM to the web. Pixelman is now your specialist in creating nice & structural web designs…

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